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Vending machines for Snack Food, Confectionery & Cold Drinks

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Snack Food & Cold Drink Vending Machine Rentals.

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Snack Break SLIM Vending Machine

Snack Break SLIM Vending Machine£1,395.64  -  £1,952.25

Snack Break SLIM Vending Machine.
16 Selections but only 12" wide! 
N&W Melodia Classic Vending Machine

N&W Melodia Classic Vending Machine£1,927.20  -  £1,981.10

N&W Melodia Classic Vending Machine: Confectionery, Snacks & Cold Drink: Available in slim line & full size models.
Snakky Max Green Vending Machine

Snakky Max Green Vending Machine£2,114.20  -  £2,174.70

Snakky Max Green Vending Machine
Tango Vending Machine

Tango Vending Machine£3,650.00   £2,208.80

Tango Vending Machine
Snack Break MINI Vending Machine

Snack Break MINI Vending Machine£2,270.27

Snack Break MINI Vending Machine
Coffetek Palma H Vending Machines

Coffetek Palma H Vending Machines£2,494.00  -  £2,920.00

Coffetek Palma H Snack, Cold Can & Bottle Vending Machines.
Merchant Vending Machine

Merchant Vending Machine£2,649.39  -  £3,117.66

Maximum Capacity & Slim-Line Models
Westomatic SNACKPOINT Vending Machine

Westomatic SNACKPOINT Vending Machine£2,746.00  -  £3,785.00

Single & Dual Temperature Zone Models.
Samba Touch ETL Vending Machines

Samba Touch ETL Vending Machines£3,069.25  -  £3,107.75

Samba Touch ETL (Electronic Tray Labeling) Vending Machines
Merchant Touch Vending Machine

Merchant Touch Vending Machine£2,742.31  -  £3,568.25

Maximum Capacity & Slim-Line Models
Coffetek Mistral H70-H85 Vending Machines

Coffetek Mistral H70-H85 Vending Machines£3,357.00  -  £3,538.00

Coffetek MISTRAL Vending Machine Range
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Page 1 of 1:    11 Items
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