Machine Deliveries & Installation Guide

It is recommended to print out this guide and tick off each stage in the process as it is completed.

Warranties & Engineering Services:

Machine Deliveries Checklist:

  1. A Site Survey Form, as/if required, will be sent to you shortly after your order has been received.

  2. You will be notified of your delivery date shortly after you have returned your completed Site Survey Form to us.

  3. An engineer will then be 'pencilled in' to attend the installation and user training session on the next available working day after delivery.

  4. Your machine will be delivered by specialist courier who will place it where indicated on your Site Survey form.

  5. Please check outer packaging for any indications of damage in transit.

  6. The delivery crew will unpack your machine and remove all packaging from site unless you ask them to do otherwise.

  7. Please check unpacked machine for any visual signs of damage.

  8. Notify us that your machine has been delivered and if any suspected problems.

  9. Date of engineer attendance will then be confirmed by return.


Pre-installation requirements to be put in place by client:

All Machines:

  1. 13 amp electric socket within 1M of machine location.

  2. Machine and all ingredients/consumables on site.

  3. Cash float (20-30 of each coin) for change giving coin mechanism, if fitted.

Mains Water Connected Machines: 

  1. Mains water supply terminated in ¾” BSP isolator valve within 1M of machine location.

  2. 1” hole required in any obstruction for path of hoses from mains supply to filter and/or water filter location to machine.

  3. Fresh/liquid milk enabled machines only: 8 litres of milk for calibration purposes.

User Training Session Checklist:

  • Recommended that a minimum of 2 people are available for training session, all equipped to take notes.

  • Please make sure that by the end of the training session your training nominees feel confident how to:

  1. Correctly fill all product containers.

  2. Strip the machine down for deep cleaning, including any brewers and/or fridges, and reassemble.

  3. Identify which parts of the machine need cleaning and how often.

  4. Run any manually activated cleaning/flushing processes.

  5. Change selling prices if payment system is fitted.

  6. Fit replacement water filter cartridges as/when required. That will be either 6 or 12 monthly dependant on filter type to be fitted.

  7. Clear and reset common error codes. (Engineer will advise according to each machine type.)

  8. Correctly fill & empty cash float in coin mechanism (if fitted) and how to clear coin jams.

  9. HOT DRINK MACHINES: Check all selections are calibrated to satisfactory cup level & strength settings.

  10. Final check of above before signing off install as satisfactorily completed.


Any questions on any of the above? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Revision date: 09/07/24.