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PG Tips 440's (x6)

PG Tips 440's (x6)

PG Tips

Since the 1930s, PG tips has been providing the Nation with its Favourite Cuppa. That’s a long time and a lot of tea, which is why we make sure all our tea is grown using sustainable farming methods. Our friendship with the Rainforest Alliance means that the people who pick our tea earn a better living and their families have access to a proper education and medical care.

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Model:  NWT009
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Brand:  PG Tips

 PG Tips Tea 440's (replaces the old 460's)

Turns out, the Rainforest Alliance is busy making sure that by 2010 all PG tips tea suppliers meet their high sustainability standards. Yes, I had that blank look on my face, too. Apparently, it means the thousands of farmers who grow our favourite tea must make sure that their hard-working staff are getting a decent wage as well as access to housing, education and healthcare. They also have to commit to protecting the environment from which they make their living, by introducing environmentally-sound farming techniques. Well, 'hear-hear', say I.

By 2010, all the tea plantations where PG tips buy their tea will be Rainforest Alliance Certified™, which means the tea inside every single PG tips tea bag - including yours - will have been given the thumbs up by the chaps at the Rainforest Alliance. By choosing PG tips, you and I will be supporting them in improving the incomes and livelihoods of tea farmers and their families. Hurrah! So every time we make a cup of PG tips we'll get a lovely warm glow inside, knowing the tea we're enjoying is all sourced in a sustainable way. Three cheers for us. Oh, and PG tips, of course.


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