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The Tetley On The Go range has been specially developed for time-pressured and on the move customers. It is a complete solution for takeaways, quick service outlets and travel and leisure sites. At Tetley we provide double walled cups to keep the tea hot and non-spill sip lids.

We use Black Tea for our On The Go range, which is the core of the Tetley brand. The tea leaves are carefully sourced from Africa and Assam, where the leaves are hand picked before being cut and dried. Our Tetley Tea Blenders then skillfully taste the tea at least eight times to ensure maximum quality.

Many attribute the discovery of black tea to Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2700BC, when a tea leaf accidentally dropped into a glass of hot water. It was only in the 18th Century that black tea spread to Britain and is now considered a quintessentially English drink.

Blend Characteristics

Our On The Go range doesn’t compromise on taste. We use our Black Tea blend, which has a unique Tetley colour and taste for the perfect cup of tea.

How to Serve

Tetley On the Go is highly convenient for the caterer because it is easy to use; all you have to do is add milk and water.

As a black tea, ideally the tea bag needs to brew for 2-3 minutes before personalising your customers’ tea with milk and sugar.

Tetley On The Go Boiler Specifications

Height: 480 mm
Width: 325 mm
Depth: 345 mm


5 Litre Super High Impact Styrene Header Tank.

240 Volt Mains Power.

2.5 KW Heating Element
Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel Construction

Cabinet Construction
Powder-Coated 1.2mm Mild Steel.

Water Tap
Non Drip Faucet Food grade.
Chromed brass body with, black nylon bonnet and a diagonal self-closing, lock-open handle. Flat on shank to accommodate a shield assembly

Dispensed Water Temperature Variant
86 Degrees- 90 Degrees
(Based on 30 second water pull delay timeframe).

Water Transfer
Food Grade Silicon Tubing

Vinyl Front
7 year Guarantee Metamark Vinyl & Laminate Covering

Fitted with manual and auto fill capability

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