12oz Super Size In-Cup Drinks

A comprehensive range of 12oz 'Super Size' In-Cup Hot Drink Solutions

Designed mainly to enable the provision of high profit coffee shop style drinks anywhere that traditional methods are impractical and/or cost prohibitive.

Typical applications would include stadia, event and other 'on the go' catering. These products have long since proven to be very popular in petrol stations, convenience stores, exhibitions and hospitality and for general workplace use as well.

Do I need a machine to dispense these products?

No. These products can be used 'loose' with your own own hot water equaly as well.

Is there any benefit in having a machine?

Yes. The machines that go with these products are designed to boost your product sales very significantly. They open up the possibility of using these products in self service formats too.

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PG Tea White Tagged With Widget 12oz x 150

PG Tea White Tagged With Widget 12oz x 150£87.98   £55.80

PG Tea White Tagged With Widget 12oz x 150

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Our new, exciting range of 12oz Super Size In-Cup range of drinks suitable for all 12oz cup capable In-Cup hot drinks vending machine and also equally suitable for use 'loose' with an independent hot water source.

12oz Super Size In-Cup hot drinks are perfect for high profit coffee style drinks for events, exhibitions, petrol stations, and all hospitality and catering use.

Our range includes the 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Drink Douwe Egberts Pure Coffee, Caf'e Direct Medium Roast Freeze Dried Coffee With Added Whitener,  12oz Paper Cup In-Cup drink, Caf'e Direct Sao' Tome' Instant Hot Chocolate Drink 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Drink, Douwe Egberts Cappuccino 12oz Rich and Creamy Cappuccino Mix, Cabury Hot Chocolate 121oz Paper Cup In-Cup drink, PG Tips Freeze Dried Tea With Added Whitener 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Drink along with Bovril Beefy Drink 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Drink.

We also stock 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Chicken Soup, 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Tomato Soup and 12oz Paper Cup In-Cup Vegetable Soup. All perfect for you 12oz capable In-Cup hot drinks vending machine or for use with separate hot water source.