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About In-Cup Vending Machines

In-cup vending machines have a well earned reputation for being the simplest, most reliable and lowest maintenance format of vending machine you can buy. All in-cup vending machines use a vending cup preloaded with the precise amount of ingredient to vend a consistent & high quality in-cup drink every time.

In-Cup Vending Machine Rentals.

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ELITE 5 Selection In-Cup Hot Drink Vending Machine
ELITE 5 Selection In-Cup Hot Drink Vending Machine

ELITE 5 Selection In-Cup Hot Drink Vending Machine


Our range of Darenth In-Cup hot drink machines includes the feature packed Elite automatic vending machine perfect for the modern workplace with its neon effect display and stainless steel livery suitable to dispense 71mm, 73mm, and 76mm In-Cup drinks. The Darenth Elite also features an integrated water tank for use with mains or pumped water supply.  It has five drink selections and has an integrated sugar dispense for ease of use.  We also can supply the Darenth Professional, a contemporary In-Cup hot drinks machine suitable for 71mm, 73mm and 76mm In-Cup delivery with four drink selection and blue LED display. And the cost effective, space efficient Darenth Classic with five drink selection and 71mm, 73mm and 76mm In-Cup capacity. Also, the sleek, high impact Darenth Vogue suitable for 71mm, 73mm and 76mm capability and a huge 14 drink selection with integrated sugar dispenser.

Why not try our 1mm In-Cup PG Leaf Tea Bags (White), 71mm In-Cup PG Leaf Tea Bags (White & Sugar), 71mm In-Cup Gold Blend White, 71mm In-Cup Gold Blend White & Sugar, 71mm In-Cup Gold Blend Black or luxury 71mm 71mm In-Cup Cadbury Chocolate and 71mm In-Cup soups in your Darenth, Klix, Freshers or Eurocup 71mm In-Cup machine.  All at the lowest online prices !

For your 73 mm In-Cup Darenth Elite, Professional or Vogue hot drinks machine why not try our 73mm In-Cup Gold Bend Vending Coffee, 73mm In-Cup Colombian Vending Coffee,73mm Fairtrade Vending Coffee and 73mm Kenco Rich Vending Coffee or the decaf option of 73mm In-Cup Gold Blend Decaffeinated Vending Coffee.  We all stock our 73mm Continentals range which includes 73mm In-Cup Eurocup Cappuccino, and 73mm In-Cup Kardomah Cappuccino, 73mm In-Cup Vending Nescafe Cappuccino and the creamy 73mm In-Cup Nescafe Latte: all perfect for your Dareth73mm In-Cup hot drinks machine. We offer the lowest online prices.

Why not try our traditional 73mm In-Cup Vending PG Teabags in your 73mm In-Cup Darenth, Klix, Freshers or Eurocup mahcine? Or maybe our 73mm In-Cup PG Freeze Dried Vending Tea and 73mm In-Cup Vending Fairtrade Tea? Or for a change our 73mm In-Cup Lemon Vending Tea? And what about the luxury taste of our 73mm In-Cup Cadbury Chocolate, 73mm In-Cup Premium Hot Chocolate or the 73mm In-Cup Blended Quickchoc or 73mm In-Cup Frairtrade Chocolate all at the lowest online prices and perfect for you 73mm In-Cup hot drinks machine.  We also stock hearty 73mm In-Cup Vending Bovril, and 73mm In-Cup Knorr Vending Soups (both 150 or 300 cups).

We stock a range of brand named  76mm In-Cup products at the lowest online price for your 73mm In-Cup Darenth Professional, Vogue or Elite machine. Why not try our In-Cup Kenco Rich White,76mm In-cup Kenco Rich Black or our Kenco 76mm In-Cup Decaf coffees? Or our 76mm In-Cup Cadbury Hot Chocolate or 76mm In-Cup Cadbury Hot Chocolate. We also stock for your Darenth In-Cup machine Kenco In-Cup Maxwell House Black, 76mm Kenco In-Cup Maxwell House White or Kenco 76mm In-Cup Maxwell House Cappuccino and popular traditonal 76mm Kenco In-Cup PG Tips White all perfect for your Darenth 75mm In-Cup hot drinks machine. All at the cheapest prices online.