Consumables Agreement



Our Consumables Agreement explained ...

The purpose of our Consumables Agreement is to provide our Customers the option to claim from a schedule of extra discounts on qualifying machine purchases. Such discounts corresponding to a schedule of monthly consumable purchases from this website by the Customer for a three month period.

The schedule will appear under the heading Consumables Agreement in the available options list of all qualifying machine products.

The choice to Opt Out will always be available within the schedule. This simply negates all Consumable Agreement discounts and allows the machine(s) to be purchased at standard discount price(s).

How it works ...

1. Customer selects agreed monthly spend on consumables to obtain corresponding machine discount.

2. At end of three months from placement of order actual consumables spend, over period, is totaled.

3. Any shortfall between actual and agreed consumables spend is invoiced less 50% discount.

Example ...

Customer commits to an average £500.00 per month spend on consumables in return for £300.00 machine discount: Actual consumables spend over 3 months averages out at £400.00. Shortfall comes to £300.00. Less 50% discount a balance of £150.00 becomes payable. Offset against the £300.00 discount originally given the Customer is still £150.00 in pocket.

Consumables Agreement- Terms & Conditions

The Company agrees to grant the Customer the Scheduled Discount(s) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Customer agrees to purchase the corresponding value of consumables per month for a minimum three month period from placement of the qualifying machine order.
  2. In the event that the Customer fails to achieve the agreed usage over a 3 month period, then the Customer agrees to pay for the shortfall amount less a 50% discount. An invoice for the discounted shortfall amount will be automatically issued when applicable.
  3. Discounts and spend amounts are exclusive of VAT and on a 'per machine' basis.
  4. All consumable items (ingredients, disposable cups, etc) ordered from this website qualify as part of the agreed values.

To claim your machine discount: Select required schedule on the product description page and confirm acceptance of these terms & condition at the 2nd stage of checkout.