Office Tea & Coffee Supplies

A small sample from our large range of tea & coffee office supplies suitable for office kitchen use.

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Office Hot Chocolate

Office Hot Chocolate

A selection of hot chocolate tins, sachets & sticks perfect of office kitchen use

Office Milks & Whiteners

Office Milks & Whiteners

A selection of milk & whitener jiggers & cartons perfect for office kitchen use

Office Sugars & Sweeteners

Office Sugars & Sweeteners

A selection of sugar sticks & sachets perfect for office kitchen use


Our selection of the most popular products for office kitchen use.

Office kitchen coffee supplies include coffee sticks, sachets, jars and Drums such as:  Dowe Egberts Pure Gold Coffee Sticks and Douwe Egberts Traditional Fliter Coffee Sachets, Nescafe regular Coffee Sticks and Nescafe Decaf coffee sticks. Also, Nescafe Gold Blend regular and Nestle Gold decaf 200g jars. We offer coffee drums such as Kenco Milano and Kenco Milano Whole bean instant and Cafe Direct  Fair Trade coffee. All perfect for your office at the cheapest online prices and with next day delivery.

Our fantastic selection of office kitchen teas includes regular, decaf and fair trade tea bags and envelopes from brand names. We offer PG TIps String & Tagged, Yorkshire Tea Envelopes and Tetley 4 Pint. Also speciality tea variety packs such as Twinings Variety Packs, Pukka Tea Original Chai Envelopes also the ever popular Clipper Redbush 250 envelopes. All at the lowest prices online and with next day delivery.

We offer hot chocolate for your office kitchen in sticks, sachets and drums. Try our easy dispense Clipper  Fairtrade Hot Chocolate sticks, Options Belgian low calorie hot chocolate sticks, Le Royal Granulated Chocolate Sachets,  Aero Chocolate Sachets  or the Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Sachets. Or try our 1 kg hot chocolate drums of Galaxy Instant Drinking Chocolate, Cadbury Instant Chocolate  or Clipper Hot Chocolate. Whatever your preference for your office kitchen you can be assured of the lowest online prices and next day delivery.

Our selection of the most popular office kitchen milk and whiteners includes : Milla Maid Skimmed Jiggers, Millac Maid Half Fat Milk Jiggers,  and Lakeland Cafe Maid Cream Jiggers. We also offer 1litre cartons of Via Long Life Semi Skilled Mikl and new plant based milk milk such as litre Alpro Processional Coconut Milk 1 litre and Alpro Professional Soya Milk 1 litre. Not forgetting our Fair Trade whitener sachets and Nestle Coffe-mate . All perfect for your office kitchen and at the lowest online prices

We offer a carefully selected range of sugars and sweeteners for your office kitchen including Tate & Lyle White Sugar Sachets, Tate & Lyle Brown Suger Sachets and Tate & Lyle White Sugar Sticks and also Tate & Lyle kg Granulated Sugar Tub. We also stock Fairtrade White Sugar Sachets and Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sachets. In addition we have a selection of sweeteners which includes Sweetex Tablets 700s x12 and Canderel Granulated Sweetener Sachets 1000's x1. All our sugars and whiteners are at the cheapest price online and are available with next day delivery.


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