Which is the best replacement for my Kenco singles machine?


  • Do you need to resolve the problem of an ever diminishing range of drink options?
  • Do you want to increase profit by reducing your price per cup costs?
  • Do you need your alternative machine to offer true espresso shot cafe style coffee drinks?

Historically, Kenco offered a wide range of drinks for their Kenco singles machine. Unfortunately this range has now greatly diminished meaning that many of your favourite Kenco Single choices can no longer be found.

So, what is the replacement for my Kenco Singles machine?

The obvious top choice would be the EASY, a small but stylish table top machine that combines canister with capsule to provide a six drink selection.

The Evoca EASY machine certainly lives up to its name. EASY to fill, EASY to use, and EASY to clean.

Please call us now with your specific replacement Kenco Singles machine requirements. One of our friendly professional advisors will be more than happy to help you!


  • True espresso shot for 11 coffee shop style selections
  •  Capsule coffee and milk canister for creamy drinks        
  • Hand fill, no main water supply needed
  • Clear, simple touch panel selection
  • Delivers 25 drinks per day

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  • Fully automatic for ease of use
  • 'ES' Bean to cup coffee for a true espresso shot
  • Ideal for usage of up to 50 cups per day
  • Compact, with sleek black gloss exterior

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  • Delivers hot drinks in 11 seconds
  • Simple keypad selection display
  • Mains water supply or tank feed options available
  • Crisp white or stylish black

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  • All instant hot drinks machine for self service sites
  • Large 11 hot drink selection
  • Can be configured for cup, mug, or jug dispensing
  • Stylish table top finished in platinum silver or black.




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