Which are the best coffee beans for my bean to cup coffee machine?

Points to consider

  • Traditional coffee bean products were developed for traditional coffee vending machines but new bean to cup coffee machines benefit from coffee bean blends developed specifically for purpose.
  • Different coffee beans are blended for different occasions. You will need to decide if your coffee beans are for everyday use or for after dinner drinks or more occasion style use?

Our Beverage Blend coffee beans are a unique, premium product only available from our website and providing outstanding quality and value for money.

Our Beverage blend Sliver coffee beans are perfect for your bean to cup coffee machine combining pleasing nutty, woody notes with a slightly creamy taste and completed with the bitterness of a deep cocoa base. Great aroma, great taste! A perfect coffee bean for everyday use in your bean to cup coffee machine.

Our Beverage Blend Gold Espresso coffee beans are in a class of their won. They are  a subtle mix of milk, chocolate, cream and hazelnut notes with a dark, rich cocoa base to provide a coffee that smells and tastes divine! A true top of the range luxury coffee bean the Beverage Blend Gold coffee bean offers you a special blend designed for the discerning coffee drinker, offering the complete luxury coffee experience.

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  • Suitable for all types of bean to cup coffee machine.
  • Specially blended, roasted and ground for a rich, intense flavour and aroma.
  • Premium blend with subtle tones of nutty sweetness offset by cocoa bitterness.
  • Perfect blend developed to deliever quality, everyday coffee shop style hot drinks

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  • The coffee bean blend with that 'wow' factor!
  • Designed for optimum bean extraction and ultimate taste
  • A strong,intense, luxurious coffee blend with a rich aroma
  • Specially blended for those special indulgent after dinner or special occasion coffee moments.

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