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Which is the best vending milk for my hot drinks machine?

Points to consider

  • The milk canister(s) in your coffee machine will be preset to use either a powdered or granulated vending milk product.
  • Powdered vending milk products will not work optimally in a canister set up for granules and vice versa.
  • The best vending milk product for your specific requirements will depend on taste preference, and your budget.

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  • By weight, but not necessarily by cup yield, these are usually the cheapest of all the vending milk products.
  •  Vending whitener products work equally well with both teas and coffees.
  • For hot drink machines that dispense both tea and coffee but have a single whitener canister either these or a freeze dried milk will be the best vending milk products to use.

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  • Cappuccino toppings  enhance the authentic creaminess and frothiness  of continental style coffee drinks
  • Cappuccino toppings can only be used in machines which dispense both tea and coffee if fitted with dual milk canisters.

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  • Premium products contain 100% freeze dried fresh dairy milk
  • Non-premium freeze dried milks are still 100% dairy but some content may be whey powder rather than fresh
  • Low fat content- in some cases as low as 1% fat
  • Most authentic milk taste of all the vending milk products

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  • Only an option on purpose built fresh milk coffee machines
  • Provides the full coffee shop style experience
  • Requires temperature control and special storage
  • Potentially higher waste due to short sell by dates

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